Photographs and Video Bring Your Case Alive

"Does this photograph or video fairly and accurately depict this scene?"

That is the question so often heard in court, and the question that must be kept in mind when planning and creating imagery for litigation. At the Evidence Store, we create imagery not only to preserve evidence, but with an understanding of how best to present the facts of the case.

Automobile Accident Scenes

Accident photography
This panoramic photo was taken to show the inability of the driver to see a fire truck approaching the intersection due to the high berm of the highway overpass.

The blue care represents the driver that did hear the siren and pulled over. A second car, distracted by the actions of the first, did not hear or see a fire truck as the truck drove through the intersection without making proper observations or slowing down, striking the plaintiff.

Properly photographing accident scenes is more than just standing in the middle of the street and clicking the shutter in all four directions. In cases of serious collisions, we carefully review the police report, answers to interrogatories and any statements that my have been given. We also ask for copies of any photographs that may have been made to date to assist us in the understanding of the dynamics involved.

It is also important to understand the attorney's theory of the case. It is possible that vehicles may not have been visible over the crest of a hill. In such cases, the speed of an approaching vehicle may be at issue, which dictates that sequential photos should be made from marked distances so that perception/reaction time can be calculated and linked to the photos for a trial display. The eye height of the driver is often a factor and this is taken into consideration when making critical photographs in these types of cases.

It is possible that the geometry of a roadway or intersection is at issue, in which case we look for high buildings or overpasses from which to photograph, supplying a better perspective of the lane markings and curb lines. Sometimes, we will recommend aerial photography to best illustrate the true nature of the locus.

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